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  1. Hi all, I recently completed my masters in Earth and Environmental Sciences and now, thinking of doing a PhD. I decided on taking palaeoenvironments/ palaeoclimatic/ climate studies as my topic but have been wondering should I go into waste management, agro and/or climate. The reason for the latter is that I want to work on a solution based problem, as per the current issues. What bothers me is that this question-what comes after a PhD, after a Postdoc?! Further, when comparing it with the job market, the jobs listed for Earth/Environmental Sciences needs experience, even at entry level. Even though the skills developed during one's PhD are inter-transferable, I feel that experience has greater weighage than one's degree (at least most of the times). Being an international student has its own challenges, and if an assistant position is not offered by one's supervisor, what other options one might have to gain that experience (apart from internships), as per the job requirements. I understand that each advertisement is unique; however, some points listed remains the same. I need advice on how to choose a topic that can get me an industrial exp, if in future I wish on not being an academic. Further, I needed help with universities offering waste management, agro and/or climate studies as I am aware with the ones offering palaeoenvironments / palaeoclimatic/ climate studies 
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