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  1. Hi everyone, Can you give suggestion which one is best in Applied Mathematics. Any response will be beneficial. Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking at PhD programs for Applied Mathematics for Fall 2020. Looking to get a better idea of rankings and the merit of it all. Undergrad Institution: Biggest university in Azerbaijan Undergrad Major: Math Grad Institution: State university in USA (middle ranked) Grad Major: Applied Math (Masters) GPA(Undergrad): 3.9 GPA(Masters): 4.0 Type of Student: International GRE General: 160 Q, 138 V, ? AW GRE Math Subject: ~40% Programs Applying: PhD applied mathematics(Bio-mathematics*) Research Experience: -Thesis work in undergraduate and master. Teaching Experience: 1-year in my home country and 1-year Teaching Assistanship in USA Coding Experience: A few other less-relevant things. Letters of Recommendation: One from advisor, one from graduate coordinator. One professor, I was TA of.... Research Interests: Bio-mathematics Conference: 1 invited talk at Bio-mathematics Conference PhD Programs I am applying to: Give me advice. Can I apply for PhD or my profile is weak? If I can, please give me suggestion (list of some universities)
  3. Can you please suggest any universities to me.
  4. This semester I want to apply for PhD and I did not have many choice. I want to apply for applied mathematics and I am studding now my master degree in the concentration of applied math. I have above 3.5 GPA, 3 year of teaching experience. I took my undergraduate also in mathematics. I am waiting for GRE subject scores and plan to take the GRE general in 30-th of October. My preference is Applied math with the city less crime. Thanks
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