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  1. I see. Thanks for all the feedback, I'll have a closer look at more biostats programs.
  2. Thanks for the input, @cyberwulf! Actually, I am kind of torn between whether I should go more towards biostats or stats. On one hand, my research interests seem more geared towards biostats (statistical methodology and applications), but I also found that there are quite a few faculty from statistics dept that are doing statistics research in the biostat area. My thinking is that by going into statistics programs instead of biostats, I can still choose to do research in biostats while still keeping it general to potentially specialize in other fields with stats. Given this, do you think stats or biostats would be a better choice?
  3. I am planning to apply to Stats/ Biostats PhD programs for Fall 2020. Looking for any suggestions and advice on my profile, the list of schools I am applying to, the range of schools I should be aiming for, as well as if there are other places I should look into. Thanks in advance, any feedback will be highly appreciated! Undergrad Institution: Large State School Major: Math & Econ GPA: 3.97 Type of Student: International female Relevant Courses: Calculus 1-3 (A), Probability (A), Statistical Inference 1 (A-), Linear Algebra (A), Real Analysis 1 (A), Time Series Analysis (A), Discrete Math (A), Object Oriented Programming (A-), Applied Statistics 1&2 (A), Data Science (A). Taking Real Analysis 2, Statistical Inference 2, and Stochastic Processes this semester GRE General: 165 Q, 159 V, 4.5 AWA GRE Math Subject: Taking in October Grad Institution: None Programs Applying: Statistics and Biostatistics PhD Research Experience: - Undergraduate research for > 1 year applying existing data science and statistical methods to perform predictions on health data. Published a few papers to health journals and presented at several conferences. - Semester-long independent research for my senior Econ class. My research is mostly applied. I haven't really had any research experience in theoretical math/statistics. Will that be a cause for concern? Teaching Experience: Graded for calculus and intro stats classes for 3 semesters. Coding Experience: Proficient in R, Python Letters of Recommendation: One from research advisor, two from professors I took class with. Research Interests: Statistical modelling, statistical methodology with real applications, non-parametric methods, causal inference PhD Programs I am applying to: North Carolina State (Statistics) CMU (Statistics) Columbia (Statistics) Penn State (Statistics) Purdue (Statistics) Rutgers (Statistics) George Washington University (Statistics) University of Connecticut (Statistics) University of Pittsburgh (Statistics) Harvard (Biostats) Emory (Biostats) UCLA (Biostats)
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