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  1. It looks like Utah state is also doing a Greek course, but I can't tell if this is supposed to be in person or online: https://history.usu.edu/classics/summer.greek.21a.pdf
  2. I'm also looking to do a summer intensive in Greek and weighing my options. I haven't done research on all the programs you've mentioned, but it seems like Berkeley's program is the easiest to register for as a non-UC student and least expensive.
  3. Another thing to keep in mind re: UMich admission/funding is that the program overadmitted its history cohort in the 2019 cycle. This, in addition to the COVID situation, is probably placing financial strain on the department and influencing admits. I don't know how they will end up handling it, perhaps it just means they significantly slash the size of this year's cohort.
  4. This was my experience with Berkeley too, and decided not to apply (I'm a medievalist, not a modern europeanist). Early on in the apps process, many schools I was interested in either explicitly or implicitly expressed a preference for Americanist scholars, especially those interested in studying race/ethnicity in America (probably as a direct result of the horrific events of this past summer). I'm also told that time to degree for Americanists can be faster than for medievalists or european scholars because they have fewer language prereqs and don't need to go overseas to reach their archives
  5. hi @coffeehum! I think you're asking some very good questions re: state of the academy and are right to point out the differences in institutional support in public vs. private and even among individual private institutions themselves. It is easy to generalize "public" vs "private", but I think that the question ultimately boils down to "which institutions have the best ability to support me in all aspects of my career as a scholar"". I think that the best way to weigh your options when the time comes is to compare funding packages and have conversations with faculty and graduate students
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