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  1. When you all applied, did you have 3 essays? One Research statement (past and current), one personal statement, and one "role of diversity in STEM fields and how you have contributed and might contribute in the future.? I was lumping in the latter with my personal statement until I realized it is a separate statement. I emailed to get length requirements since I can't find any information. Any advice from winners? Thanks.
  2. For anyone who applied and won, would you kindly share for the research essay, did you include your previous research experience or ONLY your current proposal? if the latter, did you put your research experience in the 500 word statement then? Thank you kindly.
  3. katz465

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    Is the only place to include previous research experience in this 500 word personal statement? Did any of you find examples of previous essays that won?
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