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  1. Yeah I got the same vibes from the forum and other applications also. Kinda regret not preparing for the Math GRE some more since I spent so much time on a couple of questions and completely forgot to look at the rest of them. It seems like Washington puts its as optional but they might be relying on the Math GRE more than other schools that also recommended it (since there is no general GRE involves in the application process). I think I will just submit my score to them to see what happens. Anyway, thank you for the response!
  2. Hi, So I just figured that Uwashington does not take GRE general scores (apparently on their admission requirement there is no GRE general score, also there is no score page to submit in the online application link). So, the only standardized score you can submit is the GRE Math Subject which they say is optional. I currently have a 760 on math GRE so I'm not sure if I should submit or not. Anybody has any ideas? If anyone wants to see my profile please check my last post. I posted a couple days ago and it was ignored so hopefully someone can take a look at my profile and leave s
  3. Hi am an international student and I will be finishing my MS in Math by May 2020. I would like to apply for Phd Statistics programs for the fall 2020. I'm probably a little bit optimistic with my profile but I just want to test it out to see how far my application can go. Undergrad Institution: Private school, in top 100 based on usnews Major: Math (with Actuarial Concentrated) & Economics GPA: 4.0 Type of Student: International GRE General Test Q: 169 (96%) V: 152 (54%) W: 4.0 (60%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics M: 760 (71%) Grad Institution: Same as un
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