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  1. Hi all, Please give me some recommendations about the list of schools that I chose based on my below profile: Undergraduate Institution: Top 5 UK University Majors: Economics Cumulative GPA: 4.00 Type of Student: International Asian Male Relevant Courses: Probability & Statistics (A) Applied Statistics (A) Econometrics (A) Linear algebra (A) Microeconometrics Macroeconometrics Computational Methods (Network theory, Spectral Theory, etc) (subjects with no grades are still being taken this year) GRE General Test: 336 (Verbal: 167 - 98% | Quantitative: 169 - 95% | AWA: 5.5 - 98%) Research Experience: Helping an econometrics professor conduct research which applies machine learning to estimate heterogeneous treatment effects; done in R. Coding Experience: Mostly online courses in Python and R. I have applied R in research work too. Went to summer school at an ivy league to do an introductory computer science course, got an A. Work Experience: 2 Non-quant internships in policy Letter of Recommendation: One from my research professor One from another of my Econometrics professors One from my internship supervisor whom I got to know very well. (Should I change this for another member of academic staff, bearing in mind that my internship was mostly non-quant research based?) Schools that I am considering: Columbia MS&E Stanford MS&E Berkeley Statistics Upenn Statistics CMU Statistics Duke Business Analytics I also have very clear intentions for why I want to take these program and a clear career path ahead for which the programs are relevant. My biggest concern is that I lack the internship and formal coding experience for these programs. Would appreciate it if anyone could offer their opinion on my odds of being admitted! Any other suggestions are also greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!
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