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  1. Just got an email saying an update has been posted to my page. Admission to DSPP with no mention of funding, anyone have any idea if they send out separate funding letters?
  2. I'm in for MSCAPP with funding! Also I didn't receive an email yet, but my funding and admission letters do appear in my application portal FYI.
  3. I would be surprised if the turnaround time was that quick (I think last year their early deadline was Oct 1?), but I'm hopeful! I feel like closer to Thanksgiving would be more likely.
  4. Applying to MSCAPP next week. Good luck to everyone on all your apps! Just an FYI for early applicants, on the resume webinar today, the Harris Admissions team indicated that their goal is to get admissions decisions out before Thanksgiving.
  5. Thanks so much for that info, much appreciated! Would you mind if I PM'd you with some MSCAPP questions? Mostly curious about elective options and class culture. Thanks again!
  6. Really appreciate your thoughts here! I'm going to take a look at some data sci programs and see if there are any that have a social/public focus. Thanks!
  7. Thanks in advance Candidate: White female Applying to: Harris MSCAPP, Heinz MSPPM-DA, McCourt MS-DSPP, UPenn Weitzman MUSA, NEU Urban Informatics, Undergraduate Institution: Northeast "Public Ivy" Undergraduate GPA: 3.5 GRE Quantitative Score: 160 (estimated)GRE Verbal Score: 162 (estimated) Undergraduate Major: Economics Years out of college: 6 Languages Skills: English Relevant Work Experience: Data Analyst at a public school network in CA, working on assessment analysis and analyzing "nudges" for students/teachers. Have been working in the socia
  8. Hey there, I'm curious about y'alls thoughts on degrees like Columbia's QMSS and UChicago's MACSS as compared to programs like UChicago MSCAPP, and CMU Heinz MSPPM-DA. The classes seem to be really similar between both sets of programs, but I'm getting the sense that QMSS and MACSS are more suited towards people looking to go on to PHDs, does that resonate with current/former students? I'm hoping to attend a program that sets me up to be a practitioner immediately after, and don't intend on pursuing a PHD. It also seems like the MSCAPP and MSPPM-DA can be encompass more city plannin
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