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  1. Congratulations! Also, are universities allowed to put you on the spot like that? Lol
  2. I know Harvard's Admitted Students' Day is officially canceled, and things will be done virtually. I would think that many schools will follow-suit, once they realize the full extent of the spread here in the US (exacerbated by weeks of "Don't Test, Don't Tell" orders from the authorities that be).
  3. I have my fingers crossed for you, midwesternbelle.
  4. Agreed with hopeful2020PhD. I am an international, and this issue came up in all my interviews. It's just a lot harder to secure funding for both study and research for people like myself. So when professors are faced with having to make a choice between two equally capable students, the sensible thing for them to do is to choose the one with the best prospects of being funded.
  5. I have to say that JHU's funding package is enormously disappointing, for a university that frequently refers to itself as the pre-eminent school of public health in the US (and globally). Being a graduate student is hard enough from an academic viewpoint, but having to be responsible for your living expenses during that time?
  6. Thank you, NotLisa. You've been one of my rocks throughout this whole process! Let's be thankful we both got into awesome schools.
  7. Dear friends, I have some just wonderful news for you. I got into the Harvard School of Public Health Master of Science (Epidemiology) program, and will be taking it in addition to continuing my post-doc fellowship here at the medical school. I didn't get into the doctorate program, but this will give me an opportunity to finish my projects here and to fulfill my dream of being a physician-scientist. Whether I re-apply for the PhD remains to be seen, but my application for the next cycle might be more competitive. I am indebted to my professors here for pulling strings so that the financial burden won't be too great. Thank you all so much for your support. I really appreciate it, and hope I was able to support you also during this very stressful time. ❤️
  8. Sooooooooo happy about Pittsburgh! Congratulations
  9. What... on earth? You've already been accepted though, hopeful2020PhD. Take heart. Maybe another professor is interested in working with you. :)
  10. Thanks for your advice, hopeful2020PhD. The person interviewing was indeed my POI, and he did mention that he had a full day of interviews. I suppose he may have just been burnt out from the process and quite possibly tired of hearing PhD hopefuls spell out the same answers to his questions. I'll keep an open mind, I guess, and do what you said - which is to schedule an informal chat later down the track. Sounds like it's going to be really hard to get in anyway, so this might all be mute after the admissions decisions have been made.
  11. I had my Hopkins interview and was thoroughly unimpressed with the faculty member interviewing me. They couldn't have been less interested. Could I have caught them on a bad day, and can I really judge a whole department by my interactions with one person? Hopkins was probably my first choice, but now I'm not so sure. Anyone in the same boat?
  12. Fair enough. What do you think you would lose by telling your POI at AwesomeFit that you were only considering their program now?
  13. Although a delicate situation, and one I have not been in, I don't think someone can go wrong with being completely transparent about the whole process (something which is not afforded to us applicants). The professors at Harvard were very upfront with me regarding the difficulties re: research funding for international students, and I believe I was treated very fairly by them. I would tell your POI at AwesomeFit that you would be very grateful for their support as you apply for this fellowship.
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