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  1. I heard back from HSR back in early February. I applied in December.
  2. Anyone apply to University of Maryland HSR or GWU?
  3. I emailed BU on Monday and was told we would hear by today if we moved on to the next interview round
  4. Ah, I just saw that. My interview was this past Tuesday so I feel like it might be too soon for them to get back to me? Though, I'm not sure. If I don't hear back by this Friday, I will assume I didn't receive an invitation.
  5. I have not. During my phone interview with them, I was told that we would hear back by the end of January. Fingers crossed!
  6. Has anyone heard from JHU Epi? I saw a post on the results page so it's making me anxious that applications have been reviewed.
  7. Congratulations! Do you mind sharing your interview experiences? This is my first time applying/interviewing and I'm extremely nervous. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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