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  1. I interviewed with them about a month ago and have not heard a peep.
  2. Does anyone know when the now *virtual* admitted students days are for JHSPH and Columbia Epidemiology? Thanks!
  3. I just got off a financial aid webinar with UCLA. It seems like they don't guarantee any funding for doctoral students , but some graduate students are awarded fellowships. If you get a TA/RA position for 10 or more hours/week you get tuition, fees, and medical benefits covered for that quarter in addition to a salary. So it's not great, seems a little precarious and like the amount of money you owe can vary quarter to quarter and depend on whether or not someone is willing to hire you. I'm sure they work to make sure most students don't end up paying too much, but it sounds very stressful tbh. Alas, public school funding is awful so I sort of understand. In other news, in case anyone else is interested I got word from a current student at Columbia MSPH that the epidemiology dept has committed to guaranteeing tuition, fees, and benefits coverage for their incoming cohort (for 5 years) plus a $10k stipend for the first 3 years.
  4. Nope to both! I have no idea when they'll be releasing decisions either. It's already a couple weeks past last years release dates for GWU too.
  5. Chronic disease epi. Thank you, and best of luck to you as well!!
  6. I had an interview with a faculty member on the admissions committee last week. She said that they should have decisions out no later than mid-March. I'm not sure if they're done with interviews. I do know that they had nearly 200 applicants, and I think (but was not explicitly told) that an interview is required for acceptance. Edit to add: I was told they would be accepting a cohort of 12-15 people.
  7. Has anyone heard anything for GWU, UMD College Park, or NYU for epi?
  8. Hi! I applied to the Berkeley epi program too. I am 99% sure that they do not do any interviews and that we should hear back about decisions sometime in late Feb-early March (based on last years results page).
  9. Yes it is one of my top choices. I am lucky and have an acceptance at another institution that I would be very happy to go to but I'm still waiting to hear about funding for that one so I feel very much in limbo. Hopefully the wait-list will move a bit. Thank you!
  10. Is that one Columbia interview invitation on the results page stressing anyone else out or is it just me??
  11. I actually just got an email that my application has been recommended for admission to the graduate division, so I'm guessing I'll get an official letter in the next week or so? I applied to the epidemiology department though, I'm not sure if the other departments are starting to release decisions or not yet! Best of luck, I hope you hear good news soon!!
  12. Thanks! Keeping my fingers crossed I'll get one of those emails too this week, but also trying not to get my hopes up. Lol. Good luck on your interview!!! Also...I have no idea how many slots they have for interviews, but was told by a JHU professor I spoke to last fall that they will admit about 14 people to the epidemiology department this year. My heart fell into my butt when I heard that.
  13. @MDMS2020 Congratulations! If you don't mind sharing, what epi track did you apply for and who contacted you re the interview? Thanks!
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