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  1. There's a university I'm interested in looking at postdocs at. Naturally I've looked at what's posted on the jobs sites and on the university's own careers page, but there isn't much there. There are a couple faculty members whose research interests me and is related to my own research experience. I figure, not everyone who is able/willing to take on a postdoc will have posted an ad, right? So maybe I should email those faculty members directly and ask them if they were interested in taking a posdoc. But I'm worried this might seem rude or inappropriate, to email a faculty member I've never me
  2. Hello all. I need some advice on whether I should consider quitting my postdoc. I finished my PhD early this year in the life sciences and am now about six months into my postdoc. It’s a good position at a prestigious institution, and my biggest issues aren’t with the job itself, but I’m seriously considering quitting. The biggest reason is, frankly, I really dislike the city I’m in, and am not acclimating well. At risk of giving away more info about myself than I’d like, let’s just say I didn’t fully appreciate how loud, crowded, expensive, and socially inhospitable my new city would be. Perh
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