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  1. I have started one for NYU and Columbia! Hopefully this helps...
  2. Hi hi. So I received $15k in scholarship (apparently that’s the highest NYU gives for msw?) I also have been granted work study and a lottttttt in loans.... I’m going to wait and see what Columbia offers...
  3. Hi all! I know there are a lot of forums out there and everyone is posting about different schools. It seems like everyone is on a different step within the application process. I wanted to start a new forum for those applicants that have applied to Columbia and NYU (doesn’t matter where you are in the process) so we can have a more specific forum and can ask questions and give answers that pertain to these two schools! I will be visiting the city in a couple of weeks to make a decision... I have not received my financial aid from Columbia. NYU was on top of everything but their financial package is not as competitive as I hoped. Please let me know if you have any questions!! Good luck to everyone!
  4. Yep! Just got in. To those that applied priority... there is still hope. I truly am rooting for ALL of you. Doesn’t feel right celebrating when my fellow peeps are still waiting. You all got this!
  5. YOU GUYSSS my CU portal just changed!!!! I have red X’s next to my official transcripts?? Anyone else with me??
  6. Ah that’s awesome! Yeah COA is really crucial... but congrats again!! This is huge
  7. Yay congrats!!!! Is CU your first choice?
  8. We are here for you!! I think you posted recently that you got into Fordham which is GREAT university (and top 25 for MSW programs). Honestly, every university maybe looking for something different so you might get into Columbia! YOU GOT THIS! And Im on the same CU boat as you! All we can do is just wait and hope for the best.
  9. Thanks for checking!! Hmmm... I wouldn’t say we are waitlisted... based on previous forums CU is notorious for sending out letters late. Hopefully we find out this week or next!
  10. Thank you!!!! Congrats again 😊🙌
  11. YAY!!! Congrats to everyone who got into CU. I am still over here quaking in my boots 😂😭
  12. No update on my portal but looking good for those that received something!!! Ahh so excited for you all. Keep us updated
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