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  1. Hey everyone! I am so conflicted! I need to decide between a MA in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and the Erasmus Mundus GLOCAL Programme, Pathway F (Global Political Economy - Glasgow, Uppsala, Göttingen). I was awarded a full scholarship in both offers. The opportunity of studying in three countries sounds really exciting, but at the same time the academic reputation as well the internship opportunities in Geneva are tempting. I know that the Graduate Institute is an excellent choice in terms of employability, but what about GLOCAL? Do you think it is a good option if I plan to work at international organisations or NGOs? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! How much do you think that work experience matters? I have applied for the MIA, and I actually think I am a competitive candidate (GPA = 3.98, experience as a research assistant, international conferences, publications, 5 languages), but I fear my profile is too academic (although I have highlighted the reasons why I prefer the MIA programme rather than the IRPS). Indeed, I have been a volunteer in some relevant social projects, but I have no experience with internships or things like that. Professional experience is really indispensable to have any chance of success?
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