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  1. Recently attended their 1st visit weekend though and apparently it was historically one of their largest (~65 prospective students).
  2. Has anyone been to a visit day yet and have any advice/tips? Going to one next week and am still not entirely sure how to pack for it.
  3. For UCI: https://www.chem.uci.edu/Recruitment-Visits (Feb 28, Mar 6, Mar 13)
  4. I love how Stanford's logo is blurry in their rejection letter lol
  5. I assume they will eventually, just not for a while because it might take time to process all the rejections. Guess I'm calling tomorrow?
  6. 2 weeks ago is a long time haha -- hope they've made some progress on decisions! Exact same boat!! Happy I have at least one acceptance but a reach school would be pretty awesome too.
  7. Any additional news regarding Stanford? I'm assuming rejections for both UCB & Caltech, so Stanford is effectively the last school I'm still waiting to hear from. : (
  8. Wow.. looks like chances are slim then Thanks for the update
  9. Damn lol Hope one (or more) of us are one of these 6-8! Do you know if this is across all subfields?
  10. I did for UC Irvine (Theory Subdivision)!
  11. Same! Which division did you guys apply to?
  12. For anyone that RSVP-ed to one of UCLA's visit days -- did y'all get some sort of confirmation email? I'm pretty sure my form submission went through, yet still paranoid that it might not have!
  13. The visitation dates are 27-29 Feb and 5-7 March. The deadline to RSVP for the 2nd date is Feb 14, so I assume if your acceptance is formalized by then you should be invited to the visitations.
  14. Me too!! ;( Ohh gotcha, misinterpreted your earlier post!
  15. Thanks for the update! Where'd you see it say 'under review'? Is it on the "Activity for Your Name (your email)" page? I feel dumb trying to figure out this page lol
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