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  1. Hi guys I've been MIA, sorry lol. I was accepted Monday into my program @ CUNY Brooklyn. Long wait, but well worth it with such a positive out come. Now the really work begins..... have to find a apt. and new job all in a month:( . I might have to commute from Philly to NYC for class the first semester if Im unable to find anything, but that is ok with me just thankful for the opportunity:D . I really fell in love with the campus and even as an out -state student for the 1st year I cant beat the price of tuition. My undergrad was private and cost was through the roof. thank goodness for m
  2. Congrats Ed sooo happy for you!!! Wish you all the best today. You've got it in the bag
  3. Hi Ed, hold tight there is still hope:) Graduation is next week for BC and June 3 for Hunter. So after graduation that should free up alot of time to make decisions. Also alot of applicants more than likely have accepted other offers this late in the game, which will work out in your favor
  4. *choose from sorry for the typo, if you havent noticed Im horrible at spelling/tenses/etc. clearly I was not an english major (lol)
  5. No problem:) I wonder how many available spaces CUNY graduate programs have (on average). I know it varies greatly depending on the program, however 76 applicants doesn't seem like alot compared to the hundreds some programs receive. PLUS the I/O program has 2 tracks(concentration) to choice from. I wonder if that makes my chances any better?Maybe I'll call back and ask for a guesstimate of open spaces for Fall 2010. I spoke to a new woman this go round, nice.... But not as welcoming as the program coordinator
  6. Ok so today was my follow up call. I was told applications are still being reviewed, that I should hear something early June. I know graduation is May 26 &27 so hopefully once graduation is complete there will be more time to designate to grad apps
  7. psychology dept.... My program: I/O psychology
  8. ok, so despite my last post I decided to go against sending an email. I decided to simply call my dept. directly. The women I spoke to (graduate program coordinator, i believe) was extremely nice! She stated no decisions have been made for anyone in my program. She said CUNY schools are majorly understaffed, and every app. has to have a second reader. She also stated the original deadline of 3/1 was extended to 3/31. She told me not to worry and to call her back on Monday and hopefully she'll have some sort of update for me. Lastly, she verified that my app was indeed there (26 on the list out
  9. Thank you so much. To lily are you waiting on a CUNY school? I'm waiting on Brooklyn college, it sucks because I'm out state. Theres so much I need to do to prepare for the move, I really wish they would let me know
  10. Ok I need help. I've applied to a CUNY school and surprise surprise I'm still waiting. Deadline was March 1st, they received my app mid Feb. Admissions keeps telling me everything is complete just pending a decision. I can't stand it any longer, I plan to email the Graduate deputy professor for my program that the have listed as a contact. Can anyone who has had expierence with emailing the department directly, give me pointers or examples as to how to inquire about my status. I'm horrible at things like this and I want to know how to word the email in a way that won't hurt me if they are alre
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