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  1. Applied Wagner (didn’t hear any from them so i am in the same boat like y’all in this thread) and affiliated w NYU as a research scholar. Based on other years, if you’re accepted, you should get an informal call from your POI. Most likely. They usually contacted a week or two before this time of every year. I strongly feel successful candidates are already informed separately. Good luck for everyone!
  2. I feel folks who didn’t get an interview need to move on. It seems like most (and I personally think all) interview offers sent out last week. Also, my first choice was Poetic Justice and the PI didn’t even select his students (please search last year’s thread under MIT Media Lab) last year although MIT put that his lab is looking for students (basically, MIT earned money through applicants like us last and this year).
  3. Thank for your response. Also some of NYU PhD Programs that doesn’t require interviews already announced their result last week, it makes sense if NYU Wagner had interviews with prospective candidates. Hope I can hear from good news with other universities at least!
  4. I applied to Poetic Justice and City Science. Based on infos from MIT Media Lab threads created in 2018 and 2019, we should hear from them around this time if we’ll get an interview. I will wait for their email perhaps the end of Jan and will move on! Good luck for all-
  5. I applied the same program but didn hear from them, too. I’ll wait until the early next week, and may give up my hope to NYU- Good luck with you!
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