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  1. NYU Sackler umbrella program, Yale experimental pathology - rejected; Johns Hopkins molecular medicine, UMB molecular medicine, URochester cell biology of disease, UVA BIMS, UMass Medical School GSBS - still waiting. It seems some people got interview offers in the past two years from a few of these programs as late as February 5-6th but I'm not necessarily going to get my hopes up because of that.
  2. Looking for advice from those applying to/currently in biomedical PhD programs. I applied to 7 programs that fall generally within the scope of translational/biomedical sciences. I have received a rejection from 2 (which I pretty much expected; they are extremely competitive programs) and have not heard anything at all from the other five so, as of now, I am sitting with not even a single interview offer while it seems most of everyone else has at least a few upcoming interviews if not an acceptance or two already. My undergraduate PI as well both other professors who wrote my LORs tell me I s
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