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  1. Sure. I applied to health policy
  2. I have no idea how their funding works. I received an acceptance letter which says that they are unable to offer any formal fellowship, but there's are other sources of scholarship and RAship.
  3. Congratulations! May I ask which track did you apply for?
  4. Has anyone received email from Emory Health Policy and Management program?
  5. Has anyone who interviewed Emory's HPM program and heard back?
  6. The director of JHU health policy and management program told me that there is only 1 spot for international student. So sad.
  7. Yes, I received admission offer on Feb 7th.
  8. Hi guys, just want to check if anyone applied to Wharton Health Econ or UC Berkeley Health Policy. Thanks!
  9. Could you please specify which program you were talking about? Thanks!
  10. Has any one heard back from the Brown health services research program?
  11. Has anyone heard back from Wharton?
  12. Thanks! There is no any post about Wharton's program so far...
  13. Hey guys, I wonder if any one has heard back from PhD in Healthcare Management and Economics at UPenn Wharton School, or PhD in Health Policy at UC Berkeley? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!
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