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  1. dear htudoas713, I'm a current MPAP student at AU, living in Bethesda. While my program is online, I've been down to campus a few times. I have lived in MD for 10 years and have a car. (Which I drive. A lot. Much driving.) AU has a terrific shuttle service going to/from the Tenleytown Metro Station. As you can see, only WMATA's red line serves that Metro Station. If I were you, I'd search on Craigslist and use the term "red" or "red line" to find a shared housing situation or whatever type of housing you seek. That being said, I live in Bethesda, which is Montgomery County and is terrifically expensive. I live in a single family house, with 3 other unrelated adults, one of whom is a recent graduate of AU. Here's a red line map. In my opinion, most of the out-of-DC stops would be just fine. In fact, the only DC stops that I would hesitate or tell you to explore a lot are Brookland and Rhode Island Avenue. But that's simple because I don't know, not because they're considered bad areas. I thought @iwearflowers post above from May 3, 2018, was insightful. Beware of scams on craigslist, but I have rented an apartment from a private landlord, sight unseen in Maryland. I drove across the country with my two dogs, had to detour to Philadelphia to pick up the keys, and LOVED the apartment and lived there for two years without much trouble. Best of luck! Lori Hopkins
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