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  1. Same here. I emailed them today, and they said they are sending out additional decisions (including waitlists) over the next couple of weeks... I read that applicants who were waitlisted had interviews first. But I never received any interview invites nor a rejection email, which doesn't make sense to me.. I'm pretty much assuming a rejection at this point 😞
  2. I see, but hey, at least it's not a rejection! Can I ask if you had the interview first before you were waitlisted?
  3. Same here, I emailed the admission office and their response was really vague. And it sounded like not all applicants are getting interview invites. Honestly, if I were you and given that responses need to be made by the 15th, I would just go with NYU. It's one of the first few earliest schools that offer a data science master program, which speaks to its credibility. And if time is not a big problem for you, 2 years at NYU would definitely give a better learning experience than Columbia.
  4. Thanks for your input! I guess what you said makes sense. I have some savings and I am lucky to have a family that is willing to support me financially so I don't have to take a loan. I was just surprised when I saw those numbers. And to your question of attending a Canadian program, since I already have a master's degree in engineering from a top school here, I figured it would only make sense to go to an even better institute in the US if I were to go back to school again. Plus I wanna stay there for work after I graduate, so not really considering any Canadian programs.
  5. Hey guys, I have been admitted to Duke MIDS and the Data Science program at the University of Rochester. And I'm still waiting for some news from Columbia and UPenn. If I don't hear back from anyone of them, I will likely go with Duke's MIDS because program looks really promising despite its relatively recent establishment. One thing that bothers me however, is how much more expensive the tuition at Duke is in comparison to other schools. I mean Columbia is notoriously known for being a cash cow and charging over 60k for the program, but Duke's 100k tuition (scholarship included) is just
  6. I applied to all three but heard back from any one of them yet. I asked Rochester for an update, and I was told that they will be releasing decisions by 15th~16th of this month. And they are expecting a cohort size of 40 for the fall term.
  7. I made a last-minute decision at the beginning of January to do a data science master and just submitted my applications on the past weekend. applied: Columbia U of Penn Brown U of Rochester Duke I assume its gonna take couple weeks before I hear back from any one of them.
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