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  1. I was debating between NYU and USF, and I decided to go with NYU because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. For USF, it's amazing to be in SF and get to form connections firsthand there, but we gotta keep in mind that on-campus education is in jeopardy for this coming fall. Perhaps a longer program and better brand name will be worth it given the circumstances. It sucks though: had the virus not disrupted everything, I saw myself picking the opposite. Best of luck deciding!
  2. @needsyourhelp I think you've got a pretty good relative assessment, I can't add much besides the UCLA BA program (cuz I'm a Bruin undergrad rn!). The management/business area of campus is really really nice (they just built a new building there actually), and the business community is all really integrated and cool. If you wanna end up in LA for work and are looking to build connections, I think that's gonna be something to strongly consider.
  3. @jondata yeah, it's tough aghhhh... we'll have to make a move i guess ://
  4. Congrats to everybody who's been accepted NYU's the top choice for me and still waiting for an app update, hopefully I'll be on the waitlist or something!
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