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  1. I think it comes in waves. This is also my first year applying!
  2. How many people are still waiting on any kind of response for the two year at UofT? I find my days getting longer...
  3. did you get an email? I haven't had the chance to check my application portals today but haven't received anything yet either. To all those still waiting on UofT, take it as positive news! It means we still have a chance of getting an acceptance!
  4. They heard in a later wave, they were not waitlisted. She also had a fairly high average and thousands of hours of paid experience. How they make their decisions is anyones guess. The only thing I cant guarantee is that's what they are doing this year... I'm just trying to keep the mentality that if I haven't heard a rejection yet, im still in the running. No news is good news!
  5. I know a few people who were accepted last year. One got her acceptance end of march and the other early-mid april. I think thats what theyre probably doing this year.
  6. Anyone hear back from UofT for the two year program for waitlists or rejections?
  7. Thank you! Congratulations to you for your acceptance!
  8. Did you find it under the dashboard in my academics?
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