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  1. I am also wondering about this! I am on the Laurier 2 year regular stream waitlist
  2. Hey! I've read previous posts on this forum where folks have said that loris has been delayed in updating admission decisions. I think I also read a post or two that said loris updated before they got their acceptance letter so I think having a discrepancy on your loris account shortly after receiving acceptance is fairly common. I hope this helps and congratulations on your acceptance! That's wonderful news.
  3. Hey! I heard back today that I have been selected for the regular stream waitlist. They ask you to accept or decline your position on the waitlist and said there are 60 waitlist positions. Hope this helps! Best of luck
  4. Hi! I applied to the full time regular track program (so not online) and I received an email today saying I have been waitlisted. Not sure if this helps because it's not for the online program.
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