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  1. That's a very valid point on the opportunity cost. Honestly, I'm still trying to assess what I want to do. I suppose it's a mix of things: The actuarial field is a very narrow niche and typically governed by regulation. If I wanted to move out of the insurance industry, it won't be a lateral move and I won't have the appropriate training as someone coming out of a Masters/PhD program in Stats. Some positions do lean more towards statistics / data science (and these were roles I've enjoyed more) but at the end it's limited by actuarial judgment. While I'm doing well profession
  2. Thanks for the quick response! On the math professors - I can reach out but I doubt they'll remember me given how long it's been. Would it hurt my app to not have a rec from a professor? On Stanford/Chicago, anything I can should consider doing to make my application more attractive?
  3. Hello! I've been working for ~10 years as an actuary but I'm reconsidering my career. Hoping to get thoughts on whether a top tier (top 15) MS program in Statistics is out of reach for me, or if there are things I could do to make my application more attractive. Undergrad: One of the State University of NY Major: Major in Math (Actuarial), Minor in Chemistry GPA: 3.25 overall, 3.8 major (I was previously trying to go the premed path but was not suited for it. At the same time, I was dealing with some family issues - onset of dementia in a parent, younger sibling goin
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