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  1. Thank you very much for your comment, it was very helpful! The truth is that you are right, I could see criticism from a critical point of view without breaking my beliefs. I think I will follow in your footsteps at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and after that I will try to get to the USA in some top University already knowing a little more languages. How did you do it to enter the Hebrew University? Is it difficult to enter there? I do not think I can enter this year due to the economic issue, but I hope that next year I will. I would like you, when you start your studies, to tell me w
  2. I understand, thank you very much for your answer. I seek to escape a bit of biblical criticism. I know that in the first level universities it is impossible, but will there be one that is less dedicated to that subject than others?
  3. Hello! how are you? I am from Chile, South America and it is my first post in this forum. I am writing because I am finishing a Master's in Missiology at a denominational university in my country (surely you have not even heard of this place 😰 ha ha). I took this course because it was the only reasonable option for me at the time, but in reality I have always searched for something about the Old Testament with a concentration on the Ancient Near East. I'm looking for a master's degree that is, in some way, more conservative, but I think that in first-level schools that does not exist. W
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