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  1. Thank you StatsG0d for some inputs. My bad that I did not include grades from Calculus. I thought people are more interested in upper-division and graduate grades. Anyway, I've got all B for Calculus I-III. Yeah, my goal to spend this semester to study hard for GRE to increase my scores. I am glad to hear that I still have a chance.
  2. Dear all! I hope everyone and your families are healthy and positive at home. I am currently a Master's student in statistics. My bachelor's degree is also in statistics, which I earned under my current institution. I am applying for some PhD programs in statistics in Fall 2021. I have been doing research mostly in mixture models and missing data, and I want to continue to study those topics if I can end up in a PhD program. Also, I am really interested in Bayesian statistics and statistical computing in general. I have only studied Bayesian statistics myself, but I took and did pretty well in
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