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  1. Thanks again! I still never received a formal notice, but I ultimately called the grad school today and someone there was able to check on my status and inform me I wasn't admitted (the formal notice is going to be sent tomorrow, April 16 - yikes). It's not all bad news though as I accepted my offer to Oxford, which was always the goal! Best wishes to you as well ~~
  2. Hi all ~ is anyone else still waiting for official notification from Vanderbilt’s GDR? After contacting them twice, I received a response at the end of last week that I will receive a letter “by the end of the week” this week, but decision deadlines are Thursday and Friday for my other programs (as well as Vanderbilt, technically). I’ll likely go elsewhere, but I would like to know all of my options before deciding. Does anyone happen to know anything about the inner workings of the department? The fact that they are two full weeks behind the graduate school’s own deadline for admissions
  3. Thanks for sharing this - I reached out to the faculty who interviewed me for any updates on the process as well, since it’s been roughly 8 weeks since my offer and I don’t know my college placement yet. I kind of hope I can get some tentative update on funding before making a decision, because that could make quite a difference! Best wishes for your funding results as well ~
  4. Of course! I am waiting for admissions results for the MA program (I’m finishing undergrad this spring). I hope there will be some movement if you’re waitlisted! It’s definitely rough to be awaiting results when decision deadlines are next week - but hopefully the waiting will be worth it 🤞
  5. I got a response that all results should be released this coming week (for the GDR). It will be pretty close up against the decision deadline it seems, but I’m in the same boat waiting with you! Hang in there ~
  6. I also haven’t heard anything ~ I’ve been waiting with bated breath today since the Graduate School site lists March 31 as the day admissions decisions are/we’re supposed to be released. I’m debating emailing the department tomorrow (?) to see if they can provide any update on the timeline.
  7. Hi everyone! I’m wondering if anyone has practical advice/experience regarding the process of inquiring about more scholarship funding at a particular school - prior to having official funding offers at other programs. I’ve seen posts about this in other forums, but I’d appreciate thoughts from other rel. studies folks. I applied to 3 master’s programs and have received 2 acceptances with one pending (decisions to be released March 31). For one program, I’m still waiting for an official funding notification in the coming weeks, and for the other (UChicago Divinity) I received a partial scholar
  8. Thanks! I’m glad I’m not missing info elsewhere - I have been checking that site too so I hope the timeline is in fact accurate for this year. Congrats on your offer as well! Hopefully we will hear some good news before the decision deadline.
  9. Hi all ~ I just stumbled across this thread. Congrats @mimo2021on receiving a scholarship! I was accepted to the MPhil in Theology and had an Ertegun interview during the last week of February (also before I had my acceptance haha) so I have been hoping for some kind of funding news this month also. Does anyone know if full fellowship decisions (esp. Clarendon, if the Ertegun offers already went out) are generally sent in March or early April? My biggest concern is the potential of having to make a decision before knowing about funding. Thanks everyone
  10. Based on my knowledge from applying to the MA, the main technical difference would be whether someone wants to study religious studies or theology (I personally applied to the MA because I have a background in secular rel. studies but not as much in theology). If I remember correctly the MTS is a two year program (around 45-48 credits I think) but the MA looks like it’s usually meant to be finished in one year (30 credits). The subfields/concentrations between the MTS and MA are different too, and the GDR concentrations include subfields outside of Christianity. I do think the faculty are most
  11. Hi everyone! Does anybody know anything about the Vanderbilt Grad Department of Religion? I applied to the MA and it looks like the graduate school releases results on March 31, so I'm guessing they are sticking to that. I don't really see any religion master's results (just divinity), so I'm curious if anyone is familiar with the GDR. Getting a bit impatient and restless with this waiting, so the next couple of weeks will be rough haha.
  12. Hi! I did receive an acceptance (MPhil in Theology) via email at the end of last week but just posted it on the results forum today. From my impression it seems as though they send the notices in waves, and not necessarily all on the same day, potentially depending on subfields within the faculty. Best wishes!
  13. I have seen different postings (results, etc.) suggesting that most PhD programs' slots are roughly half (or even a quarter) of the norm this year. It's definitely kind of frustrating that programs were not particularly upfront or transparent about the number of slots available, at least as far as I know. I personally only applied to two PhD programs since I'm coming straight from undergrad (I'll presumably do a master's degree depending on results/funding), but I would not have even attempted any PhD applications at this stage (or spent the extra ~$200 on the applications) if those progr
  14. Hi @AKWhitty, thanks for your post! I'm also working as a tutor this summer, doing some freelance writing/editorial work, and doing a bit of thesis planning, so my circumstances are fairly similar to yours. I have started outlining my SOP for the programs to which I'm definitely applying (two so far). However, I'm also still in the process of choosing which programs are really the most compatible with my research interests/goals, so I'm still sorting that out before I start preparing for those applications. Based on my limited experience so far, I'd encourage you to start mentally plottin
  15. Thank you so much for this response @marXian! My professors and advisors have certainly been candid about the state of the job market, and I'll definitely be pursuing/relying on funding moving forward. It took me forever to figure out what I actually wanted to do, so I'm hoping the future headaches will all be worthwhile to be in a field I really like.
  16. I'm definitely not an expert in this (I'm just in the stage of prepping to apply to grad programs too!), but I would suggest trying to revise a paper you wrote for your MFA so that it better reflects your current abilities. I think it's fairly common to make revisions to papers written for class before submitting them for other applications, so this might be a way for you to follow the guidelines while still reflecting how your writing skills have developed since your MFA.
  17. This is my first post here - looking for some wisdom! I'm a rising college senior planning to apply for grad school programs this fall (to begin in fall 2021, hopefully) and I'm looking for some guidance about what I can do this summer to help the application process go as smoothly as it possibly can this fall/winter. Since I was fairly naive and uninformed when applying to undergrad programs (my high school had no college advisor, and I had no idea the fields I'm now studying even existed at the time), I really want to approach the grad school application process from a more informed perspect
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