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  1. Thanks for your reply. That is probably where I am lacking right now. My two honors theses were published by the school since that was part of it (not in an actually journal though). I presented my research often and got some student scholarships for it, but they were all for my statistics stuff in undergrad. I haven't done as much output with my psych stuff or even in grad school. Definitely something I should try to work on before I apply.
  2. Hello everyone! This is my first post on here and I am hoping to get some advice from you all. I am trying to decide if I should do a psych masters starting this fall, get some sort of research position/experience, or just wait until fall to apply to PhD programs for 2021. A little about me: Education: Graduated this month with a MS in statistics (GPA 3.5). I graduated in 2017 with a BS in statistics and a BS in Psychology. Overall GPA for undergrad was a 3.2, but my psych GPA was a 4.0. Research: Cognitive neuroscience lab undergrad RA for a year. Summer undergrad RA for three months in a different psych lab. Summer engineering research program in electrical engineering lab. Graduate RA in cognitive psych lab for a year. Honors thesis in statistics focused on chlorine in water. Honors thesis in psychology focused on students attitudes/perceptions. Master thesis in statistics focused on students attitudes/perceptions. Teaching Experiences: Tutored students in math/stats Taught high school math Teaching assistant in undergrad and grad school Taught college math/stats Taught college students about responding to situations of sexual assault through psych lab Tests: okay GRE score I am wanting to apply to clinical psychology PhD programs, but I worry that my background doesn't show that I am interested in clinical psych. Any suggestions on if i should pusure a masters, get more research experience, or just polish my app and apply right to PhD this fall. Thank you all!
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