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  1. Hey guys hope you all doing good. I applied for three Canadian universities for admission to fall 2020 (Electrical Engineering). However I got rejected from UBC and Alberta and havent heard from McMaster yet. The thing is that I am not graduated from undergrad yet and I applied with my first three years results (gpa 3.6 for the first three years and I will be graduating this June) but I had decent recommendation letters, SP, and two research papers pending for publication in IF:7 and IF:10 journals as well as a conference paper, however, I got no GRE or IELTS. the thing is that since I study in a British university, McMaster and Alberta didnt ask for it but UBC did. which I was hoping to at least get a conditional offer. Anyway, I wanna know how tough it is to get in to those universities. Whether my incomplete documents (only first three years results) had to do anything with my rejection or it was my low GPA or it was due to not having GRE and IELTS. I got offers from another universities in Europe but I dont know whether I should stay in my current uni and apply for a research program so I can apply again for next year to Canada or I should take my Europe offer. I will be gradating this June and my GPA will be 3.7-3.8
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