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  1. Thanks for the reply! Are there any schools you would recommend that you may think there is a chance at? That was just a list of some I was interested in and was not exhaustive
  2. Hi everyone, I am thinking about applying to Biostats PhD programs for fall 2022 Undergrad Institution: Major: Statistics GPA: 3.78 (roughly the same within major as well) GRE: Q: 166 V: 159 W: 6 Type of Student: Domestic white female Grad Institution: Major: Biostatistics MS GPA: ~3.75 Relevant Courses: Taken in undergrad institution: Calculus I and II (B/B+), Multivariate calculus (B+), Linear algebra (C+), Statistics I & II (A+/A), Probability (A-), Survival (A), Categorical (A), Stat Computing (A-), Experiment design
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