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  1. Oh no. That sucks. I’m sorry to hear that. Yes you can ask me any question you may have for the MEd program. Just be sure to write a good statement of intent outlining your background and have a clear statement about what it is that you are interested in to research. Other than that, good grades also help a bunch!
  2. Has anyone gotten an acceptance from this program yet? School starts in less than a month and it’s super unsettling not knowing what I will be doing. I understand covid has slowed them down but I’ve heard back from both other programs that I’ve applied to.
  3. Hi! No I haven’t heard back from EdD. The registrar replied and suggested that I can still accept the MEd offer in the meanwhile. If offered the EdD then I can switch programs.
  4. I still haven’t heard back from the doctorate I applied to. I have the MEd offer but that expires next week. I’ve emailed OISE asking for guidance as I can’t accept or reject the MEd offer without knowing if I got into the EdD or not. It’s really frustrating! So yeah, there are definitely people still waiting to hear back. I hope you get good news soon!
  5. She has been telling you for the last month that the earliest is “tomorrow”? Sorry, just clarifying. Or is August 12th the earliest? It would be a little inconvenient to find out shortly before classes start, however because of the current situation I can understand the delay.
  6. I had 4.0 Masters GPA and a fairly low GPA of 3.2 in my last year of undergrad. I’ve been teaching for close to 5 years though. Did the coordinator mention anything about when we would hear back? I wish you the best of luck. I understand that the wait is tough, but hang in there!
  7. Did you apply to the EdD as well? svg I am a domestic student. A previous UofT grad actually
  8. Nope, nothing yet! Have you emailed them at all? I applied around the same time as you. The wait is so hard because Sept is just 3 weeks away !
  9. Hey everyone. Just an update - I got into the MEd in Curriculum and Pedagogy Still nothing from the doctorate I’ve applied to. Just praying I get into that
  10. Shamash -Are you waiting to get into MT? Or are you on the wait list?
  11. Congratulations Melvina! Wish you all the best in the Fall. I am sure you must be so relieved your post has made me feel a bit more hopeful about my prospects as well. I was worried that since it’s been so long then either they forgot or I’m rejected.
  12. Who have you guys been emailing to get answers regarding admissions decisions? I’ve only ever emailed the registrar for a few questions I’ve had. I’m wondering if I can email the actual department straight? For ie. I’ve applied to the Child Study program so would it look weird to email the department head for that? I don’t want to nag them by any means as I understand that things are delayed due to covid. Online it says decision made will be within 3 to 6 weeks. It will be 6 weeks for me this Thursday. I was thinking of emailing them then if I still don’t get anything.
  13. Thanks Shamash. unfortunately, I got rejected from the MEd in Developmental Psychology. I still have two more programs that I applied to and they’ve said a decision hasn’t been reached for those. Feeling super bummed out.
  14. Thanks! I emailed OISE about this too. They said as long as everything else is submitted and it’s just the UofT transcript then the application can still be reviewed. I might just email them again on Monday then.. My e-transcript from grad school was uploaded automatically. I also got the official one mailed to them but it hasn’t been loaded onto the system. I’m sure it’s there by now though.
  15. Actually I have a question guys. My application still says “documents pending”.. I’m wondering if that’s what’s delaying my application? I already submitted my electronic transcript from my grad school and got the official one mailed. However the mailed copy is pending. My undergrad was from UofT so OISE registrar said I don’t need to submit my transcripts for that they will pull it up. But that part still says documents pending. It’s been a month! Did any of you from UofT still upload your electronic transcript yourself? Or did you rely on OISE to do it?
  16. Shamash, where is that screenshot from? And, no, I don’t have Acorn access. Should all applicants have that? I applied 4 weeks ago and I haven’t received anything yet..
  17. Hey everyone! Did anyone receive a response from OISE?
  18. Well, after 6 weeks you can certainly email and ask. The admin is surprisingly prompt with their responses. Wish you the best with your application
  19. Nope. No news I have been checking my email like crazy though. How about you?
  20. Gigi2022- did you apply for the MT program? I actually responded to this thread but applied to the MEd in Developmental Psychology and the MA in curriculum and pedagogy. I already have my teaching degree from Buffalo.
  21. They have closed applications for most programs now. Just three programs open now. Hopefully we will hear decisions soon. It says between 3 to 6 weeks
  22. Awesome! Let’s wait together then Did you do your Masters at OISE as well?
  23. 11am123 - have you applied to this program? Here is a link to OISE application stats https://ro.oise.utoronto.ca/RGS_AppStat1_PreAll.html
  24. Hey! Thanks for the response! This is not for the funded PhD though. This is the self-funded EdD. Also, I checked the stats online and it says 0 applications as of February 2020. How can that possibly be true? Has anyone heard of this program, applied or gotten in?
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