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  1. I went to CMU for my undergrad degree and am applying there for my SLP Master's as well. It's in the middle of rural central Michigan; if you're used to a big city, you might be bored. I personally grew up in a much smaller town and was excited to have more than two traffic lights and to be able to walk places lol. The campus does have a bus system to and from multiple places on campus and many apartment complexes; however, I would strongly recommend having a car as the buses aren't always on time and you'll need it to do most other things (get groceries/go anywhere in town/etc). Also, the closest "real" airport is in Grand Rapids, about an hour and a half away. I personally lived at CasaLoma (through AMG housing, same owners as Lexington) both years that I was out of the dorms and never had any problems with my landlord or getting things fixed; other than a once a year utility fee we only paid for electric and gas heating. However, I've known many people who have lived in apartments through United (Deerfield and Jamestown are some of the cheapest) who also never had any problems. Lexington and Deerfield and West Campus Village tend to have more parties (at least during my time at CMU [2017-2021]). North campus and the houses nearby are where the frats and sororities are and it can be loud there as well. Rent is definitely more affordable than East Lansing/Grand Rapids/etc. I would second what kotov said about the Cabin, the Bird, and Mountain Town being good for food/drinks. For weather, it gets cold in the winter (it's one of the flatter areas of MI, so the wind chill can get pretty bad) but the snow isn't much worse than southern MI (however, I grew up in northern MI so I'm used to more snow). Campus is also relatively spread out and parking near your class can be hard to find from 10am-3:30pm, so I would definitely invest in a good winter coat + boots for the "spring" semester as there's almost always snow from about early December to mid-March (and last year, there was snow from Halloween to early April). I would also recommend a good raincoat and rainboots as the fall and spring can be relatively rainy and there is often slush for a while in the spring before it really starts to warm up. Overall, it's a great, safe mid-sized town in my opinion and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time spent there for undergrad. However, the size of the town and the fact that it does get unpredictable and cold Michigan weather are two factors to take into account. Also, if you're into nature/etc., I would recommend going either to west MI or northern MI once or twice on a weekend/on semester break/etc. MP is about two and a half hours from the Mackinaw Bridge (where the "hand" of MI meets the upper peninsula), about an hour and a half from Ludington, and about two hours from Traverse City. If you like camping, hiking, or the Great Lakes, it's definitely worth the drive (especially in the late spring through the fall)! There's also plenty of parks in Isabella County along the Chippewa River that are only a few minutes' drive from campus that make it easy to find time in nature.
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