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  1. Hm I see. Political Science does not require the GRE for the MA, only for the PhD However yeah it's optional, so I hope the rest of the application can be good enough Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! Unfortunately I didn't take the GRE 😕 do you think that will significantly weaken my application? Anyway thank you for your opinion, at least I know my application is (somewhat) competitive!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm planning to apply to the MA in Political Science at UBC for the September 2021 intake (I've got everything ready but the three recommendation letters but that shouldn't be a problem) Here's my "stats": GPA of the last two years (BA degree): 3.73/4.0 and 3.8/4.0. My final grade was 110 cum laude which in my country (Italy) is the highest you can get TOEFL: 107/120 Extra curricular: sadly not much except for the fact I've spent a semester in China (my BA is in East Asian studies, so I want to conduct research into Asian politics at UBC as it's one of the
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