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  1. Ah, I see. Thanks for this; it clears things up.
  2. Is there any insight that can be given into this? Specifically, is it feasible for me with my profile to be applying to schools' Math PhD programs if they don't have a statistics program? (also, why was this downvoted?)
  3. Sorry, I meant to say that I'm only applying to Stats PhDs.
  4. Specifically I'd like to know the most competitive school that I would have a good shot at. This was the crux of my question. Schools that I've spoken to simply refer me to the basic requirements, which is unhelpful as most applicants ought to have met these requirements in the first place. Also I realized I've made a typo; I'm only considering applying to Stats PhDs (I copy pasted another thread to use as a template haha).
  5. Undergrad Institution: Ivy Major: Math + Joint masters in Statistics GPA: 3.85 Undergrad, 3.8 grad Type of Student: Domestic Asian Female GRE General Test: Have not taken yet Programs Applying: Statistics PhD or Math PhD Research Experience: One year with an assistant professor in Biostatistics studying evolutionary processes, One year with a full professor in Biostatistics. 4 months in a government lab of applied research with computer vision. No papers. Letters of Recommendation: The two professors that I've done research which should be strong. Also one from my undergrad advisor which isn't as strong. All are undergrad level unless otherwise indicated. Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Applied Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Intro to Analysis, Analysis I, Analysis II, Functional Analysis, Measure Theoretic Stochastic Processes, Measure Theoretic Probability (PhD Level), PhD Level Analysis (will be in progress when I apply). Statistics Courses (Master's Level): Introduction to Stochastic Processes I, Introduction to Stochastic Processes II, Mathematical Statistics, Independent Study, Linear Models and ANOVA. Statistics Courses (PhD Level): Statistical Learning I, Statistical Learning II, Linear Models I, Linear Models II, Linear Models III, Information Theory, Bayesian Stats I, Bayesian Stats II. Mathematical Statistics (will be in progress when I apply) I'm pretty clueless about the whole process. I've looked at the websites for a few programs thus far and it appears as if I meet the basic requirements for most of them, but I'm not sure which I should apply to given my profile (nor am I sure about the distinction between the biostats and stats programs at some schools. Can/should you apply to both?) Thanks for your help!
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