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  1. Exciting! Good luck. Right before Christmas, I submitted my applications to University of Cincinnati, Georgia State, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and University of Missouri St. Louis for their PhD programs.
  2. Yes. That is true. Though, I have recognized that not taking the GRE limits the availability of the programs to apply. Are you planning to apply for a master's or doctoral program?
  3. I thought I would start this topic off since I originally was planning to apply to clinical psychology programs (with a forensic emphasis) that have much earlier deadlines. However, I have since changed my application focus to criminology and criminal justice. Trying to start a conversation on this process since anxiety always seems to set in when looking at schools, faculty, etc. I received my MSW in 2018 and a BA in psych in 2013 and have found that a majority of individuals in this field has a sociology background. Where are people considering and applying to? Are you scheduling or have alr
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