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  1. I studied social work at BA and Public Policy at MA. That's what concerns me. The same degree. But of course I have motivation and personal goal why I applied at willy brandt and of course mentioned it in motivation letter. We will see. Maastricht University told me about OK scholarship programs. Not about their own. They mentioned that Orange Knowledge Programme will be reshaped and only partially funded as home organizations where you work, are supposed to support and finance you. This has no sense to me as I don't think there would be many companies who will support you for two years.
  2. Thank you guys for sharing your opinions. These discussions eases waiting process. I already have MA degree and my concern is that they might not consider my application because of that. I know there are no formal restrictions but internally, they will probably prefer those only from BA. Anyways, I'll let you know about results. What scholarship odes Netherlands offer? they have some outstanding universities. Do you mean Orange Knowledge Programme or there are some others? cause about this programme, I was told from Maastricht University that they are reforming and it will become partially fu
  3. What's your background guys? did you study Public Policy before? do you have BA or also MA?
  4. Willy Brandt here too. Do you guys know how many students they choose within the scholarship?
  5. Hi everyone. If you applied for DAAD Helmut Schmidt programme 2021, gather here. Where did you apply?
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