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  1. Thanks for everyone's input. I see we have some differing views here. I'm also wondering what programs would be dings, coin-flips and which ones would reaches for me. Thanks a ton!
  2. Is it really that easy to get into those programs as long as I'm willing to pay out of pocket. I find that pretty surprising tbh. Is that really the case? Once again, I don't know anything about actually applying to master's programs.
  3. Hello, I've heard many differing things about M.S in Statistics and Data Science. Anywhere from the fact that I'd be needing to take Real Analysis to "they'll accept anyone with deep pockets and a pulse" I would like to list my profile and would hope that I could get some information. Profile: Canadian Citizen - Average Canadian University. It'd be equivalent to a state school. Heavy grade deflation, D to C averages in most math courses. Coursework: Calc 1(A), Calc 2(A), Calc 3(B+), Elementary Probability (B+), Regression Analysis(A), Extended Proofs (A), Linear Algebra (A), Intro to S
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