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  1. Hi there--was encouraged by a faculty member in religion to consider applying to history departments as well since a couple of my top scholars are considered affiliated with their university's religion departments, but primarily located in their history departments. But as someone with a nontraditional background, I thought I'd ask some early questions: I have an MDiv from a top-tier school and an MFA from a reputable university, but as far as I'm aware, MFA rankings aren't a thing in the way academic programs are. Will the MFA prove a hindrance, and should I focus on recommenders from t
  2. Hi there--I know things are pretty tenuous in higher ed right now, and as such I'm deeply considering my ability to pivot into a career outside the academy if academic posts aren't forthcoming upon the completion of a PhD, especially positions that might allow me to adjunct in order to keep my CV current. I have been pulled in three different research areas, all of which I have great interest and investment, and am wondering if you have any thoughts on which are more translateable to "real world" jobs, not to mention what kind of jobs those would be: pastoral care and theology p
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