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  1. transferring because of the pandemic just wanted some opinions on the choices i made. i’m from PA and got into chapman university out in orange california. it’s a great school and i love all the faculty, but bc of this pandemic everything has been online. i felt so isolated being 3,000 miles away from my family friends and boyfriend, and knew covid would prevent me from traveling for the holidays and what not. the feeling of isolation and unfamiliarity took a toll on my mental health so i’ve decided to withdraw from chapman at the end of my trimester on december 18th, and move back
  2. i had to reapply the the program in full, but I think I may have a shot. Can I ask why your friends transferred OT programs that many times? everyone has been telling me to stick it out but i don’t think i can in the location i’m in
  3. Hi guys, I know this probably isn't realistic but I could use some advice. I applied to a few graduate programs last year and I got accepted into a school in CA and an online program. I accepted the online program first, but then I ended up going with the school in CA. I moved across the country and I don't like it. It is still only my first semester, what are the odds of me transferring back into the first program?
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