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  1. I am, and unfortunately for me I asked because I applied but didn't receive that email. Also had some very late LORs.....
  2. Anyone know what's going on with Johns Hopkins?
  3. is the friend who asked about rutgers on results page in here?
  4. 2nd time applying and didn't get a Stanford interview, but saw that last year rejections went out ~Feb 12. Patience, friends
  5. Hi purplemix, just wanted to be sure you saw that Brown unfortunately isn't accepting applications this fall.
  6. Hi YS90 I'm also a ME sociocultural applicant this cycle! Would be great to connect. Just wanted to note for others sakes that Brown Columbia NYU UC Berkeley UC Boulder UPitt all are NOT accepting applications for F21. https://www.chronicle.com/article/more-doctoral-programs-suspend-admissions-that-could-have-lasting-effects-on-graduate-education Wishing everyone best of luck!
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