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  1. Bumping this to see if I can get some more opinions -- I'm concerned that my school list is too short and top-heavy right now. I'm looking for schools that have two-year programs and don't have reputation as cash cows, and would love recommendations on good programs to apply to given my stats. My current list is all reaches (my GPA is below the average GPA): Stanford MS&E, Harvard MSDS, UChicago Stats, Duke Stats, UCLA Stats
  2. Thanks! I'm pretty concerned about my math grades -- I saw that admitted applicants for most top masters programs have really good GPAs, like 3.8+
  3. Hi all! Would like to get some advice on applying to MS in Stats 6 years after undergrad. Some context: GPA: 3.66 cumulative from UC Berkeley Courses: Math: Calc 1/2/3 (A, A, A), Discrete Math (B), Intro to Probability (A-), Linear Algebra (B+), Upper-div Linear Algebra (B+), Upper-div Probability (A-), Real Analysis (B+), Numerical Analysis (A-), Complex Analysis (A-), Abstract Algebra (B) Econ: Math-track Micro (A), Econometrics (A-), Mathematical Economics - Two-sided Matching (A), Math-track Micro (A-), Applied Econometrics (B). Less math heavy econ elective
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