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  1. Pitt physics student here. Be wary about applying to this PhD program. Academically the program is strong but the climate is abysmal, the department is not run well, and many of the department people don't think there is a problem. Research opportunities are a nightmare to find because some professors drag students along without ever saying yes or no to undergrads or grads. Good research opportunities are scarce, some professors do not have any students and are looking for students, there is a reason they have no students. Women and minorities, prepare to be treated awfully and gaslighted. The
  2. Congratulations! I guarantee you dodged a bullet. I agree, that is immoral. Curious who you emailed. I have some guesses
  3. Avoid the University of Pittsburgh. The climate is abysmal, research opportunities are scarce, the attrition rate is high and yet most professors remain ignorant of the severe problems within their department. What other unis would you advise others to avoid?
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