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  1. Does anyone know what's going on with McGill? There's been no movement at all on my application since I submitted...? Has anyone else heard anything? it's so late, and especially as they usually interview!
  2. Any advice on what to expect for CUNY interviews for those who have had? I have one coming up but they haven't given any details (how long, how many people will interview me etc). Juts one faculty emailed me to say they can answer my Qs about the program and get to know me which seems quite chill compared to others. Thanks to anyone who can offer advice on what to expect...
  3. Thanks so much, that is very helpful. Good luck with everything for yourself this yea
  4. Sorry to hear this for you, and thanks for the sharing insight! If you do not mind me asking, do you have any tips for the interview process at Stanford? I got rejected after a rather tough UCBerkeley interview last year so I know your feeling / am trying to avoid a similar fate this year 😶
  5. Thank you for your kind words above. I am very sorry to that you're gearing up for a Stanford rej, but you never know what will lie ahead and I am sure it will work out all the best for you. and yes, I am a cultural applicant. I would imagine the waitlist will be made up of those who are interviewed but not accepted, but of course I am not sure. I just assumed that is how admissions committees operate. (I have assumed I am rejected from Michigan and not waitlisted for example because I did not interview with them)
  6. Not trolls, sorry to disappoint. One is me. It's a rather short interview (15 mins) which seems hardly enough time to make or break ones' candidature, so was wondering what ones' chances of rejection are at this point...
  7. anyone got an idea of how many people Stanford typically interview versus accept each year?
  8. Does anyone know how many Stanford normally shortlists for interviews versus how many they finally accept? And does everyone interviewed but then rejected end up on a waitlist? Thanks Also - are we assuming that CUNY acceptances have been and gone at this point? 😕
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