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  1. has anyone received acceptance/rejection email from princeton here? two people have apparently got in.
  2. I have no idea. I have not applied at Stanford. But I guess all the top grad schools will release results sometime in February. Hold tight!
  3. Agreed. I think the universities should not even offer unfunded PhD positions to international students. It's strange and sad that they often do that.
  4. Yes, the disciplinary identities can be tricky across regions. But it's remarkable how the US folks get to define who is who.
  5. Are you implying that US PhD is superior to European PhD? But the quality eventually depends on the abilities of the researcher in question - not to mention his/her seriousness and passion.
  6. So far as I know, Oxbridge hardly offers any internal funding unless you apply to some country-specific scholarships or external funding bodies - provided that you're eligible. In the event, you get in and they don't offer you funding. Are you willing to self-fund your PhD?
  7. It's just 3 years in Europe. You should have applied in a couple of European PhD programs as well.
  8. I see. How long does it take in average years for one to complete a history PhD?
  9. btw, given the choice, which one would you choose? anthro or history?
  10. I wake up every morning dreading to see the rejection letter(s) in my inbox. It's getting more stressful every passing day.
  11. yale has apparently started interviewing.. you guys got the email?
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