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  1. I've got one from Purdue, MSCE, Funding decision is pending. Rest are under consideration
  2. Profile Undergrad GPA: 8.5/10.0 ( WES: 4/4) from (NIT Jaipur) TOEFL: 103 GRE: waived Research Experience: 1. Summer fellowship research program(IIT-Delhi), 2020 (Digital Image Processing) 2. HydroSense Lab, IIT Delhi (Machine Learning Application in Civil) 3. Winter Internship IIT (BHU), Computational Structural Engineering Conference: Presented my paper at ASCE International Conference as first Author. LORs: 4 : 2 - research Supervisor, 2 - College Professors (All: Moderate to Strong) SOP: No Quotes, No Story, research dense (All
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