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  1. Lizzla


    I'll be there, too
  2. I'm weighing a couple of offers and holding off on the decision until I've done my visits, but I am leaning U of M. Ann Arbor is absolutely beautiful. I think last summer was unusual..I live a couple of hours from A2, and we had more tornado warnings last summer than any other year I've lived here. As long as you've got a basement or an interior room without windows, it's no biggie.
  3. Thanks Here are my stats (with the HUGE caveat that they don't capture the SOP, fit, etc.): I just graduated from a mid-tier state school (the sociology department is ranked higher than the university as a whole--some pretty well-known faculty) with a 3.9 overall, 4.0 in my soc. major. Two semesters as an undergrad research assistant, which turned into a temporary job until I start grad school. My GRE scores were V:800, Q: 730, AW: 3.5. That AW was pretty much a train wreck (26th percentile), but I did have a strong writing sample to counteract that (I hope!!) I hope this helps...really, though, there are so many X factors that could affect how your application is received: state budgets, how many students your POI already has, who's leaving, who's on sabbatical, what your adcomm had for lunch...etc. Good luck to everyone and deep breaths...at the very least, the uncertainty will be over soon.
  4. Lizzla

    Brown 2011

    ^ this. Although I have to say, I'm more in the "I'm going to round up all of our pictures and scribble on your face with marker" phase of the breakup...
  5. Rejected from Brown. As other posters have noted, an email to check the website is rarely a good sign... Ah, well. This is the character-building funny part?
  6. The year I studied abroad in France during my undergrad, I made a pilgrimage to the grave of Emile Durkheim. He's a good listener.
  7. Lizzla

    The Waiting List

    Hahahaha So what you're saying is...the sorcerer's stone is hidden somewhere in Madison?
  8. Lizzla

    The Waiting List

    I haven't heard anything, other than what they said in the email: fewer students than usual because they're guaranteeing funding to more incoming students, instead of going year-by-year. But I don't know how many people they accepted per year before.
  9. Lizzla


    Accepted to Michigan
  10. Lizzla


    Congratulations! I imagine we might see each other at PSU's visiting weekend? I agree, having an acceptance or two in your pocket makes it much less scary to wait on programs that take a bit longer to notify (*cough* I'm looking at you, Brown). Good luck with the rest of your applications
  11. I'm accepted to UNC and my application status still says the same thing, so I wouldn't read too much into that. I'm not sure whether UNC has notified waitlist candidates yet, so if you haven't been outright rejected, you might be waitlisted. I do know that they were planning to accept 24 people initially.
  12. For those of us that don't want to be a downer in the Acceptances thread, and don't want to seem like jerks in the Rejections thread... Let us celebrate/mourn/commiserate/obsess. Waitlisted at Wisconsin today!
  13. Lizzla


    It's at the end of February--as of last week they hadn't officially set the date, but it's going to be around February 26.
  14. Lizzla


    Yeah, that's the same thing they told me beforehand, so that's probably an acceptance! Congratulations If you look at Penn in the results forum from last year, that's pretty much their MO. Or at least that's what I kept mentally repeating to myself in the 15 minutes before my phone was supposed to ring...LOL.
  15. Lizzla


    I got into Penn State this morning Apparently they got an avalanche of applications because of the new NRC rankings and whatnot, and they're still sifting through them all...so for those of you waiting to hear back from Penn, don't assume the worst. It's probably going to take awhile for them to notify everyone.
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