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  1. I heard that some people got the official interview invite yesterday but they didn't specify which area they applied for. I hope we still have a shot!
  2. Thank you for sharing that information!! Do you mind sharing which area you applied for?
  3. Which area did you apply to? I applied to the cognitive area. Good luck to you!
  4. Same! I guess no news is good news right now. I saw that the virtual interview weekend will be 2/4-2/6 that's coming up so soon! I thought they would have given us a pretty advanced notice...
  5. Has anyone else also applied to the psychology Ph.D. Program at Stanford? (Non-clinical) I haven’t been seeing a lot of people applying to this program so I wanted to start a little community for us who applied to the same program for those of you who did apply, did you hear anything from the department regarding interviews yet?
  6. Did anyone apply to Stanford’s program? Any update?🙏
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