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  1. There's still a chance? Better than getting rejected outright. Sending good luck to you! I am yet to hear back from the status of my application. The anxiety is killing me.
  2. I think getting waitlisted is a good sign!
  3. I think I am on the same boat as you! I have a lot of experience, my GPA is way better this semester but it won’t even be included in my application. I’m thinking they will start early March but I really hope we hear from them sometime in February!
  4. Hi friends, Just wondering who applied to this year's Master of Teaching cohort for 2021? If you could share your experience - # of hours, GPA, if you could accepted, etc: it would help so much!! Also, advice or information from previous years would be greatly appreciated. I'm super nervous + excited so I wanted to see if others were on the same boat. Best of luck to you!
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