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  1. same here. Expected a rejection and checked the portal. No update yet. No replies to the e-mail as well.
  2. Still nothing. Feels like their silence indicates something . Since none of us received any reply and there is a person who made a post saying, he/she not only got an interview call but also got interviewed by a faculty member, may be the rest of us will get an email together to "check the portal"(my wild guess since we haven't received any reply yet). Also we can't expect all of the people who applied to JHU be present in this forum.
  3. I have mailed them on Friday, early morning. I haven't heard anything back from them as of now.
  4. I have emailed them today. I hope there will be some clarification from their end soon.
  5. The person who posted about the interview call again made a post saying he/she got interviewed by a faculty member and the results will be out by the end of next week. I don't know whether they select people without an interview. In that case, it looks like a possible rejection for those who didn't receive an interview call. 😒
  6. Hey , have you heard anything from JHU after that e-mail ?
  7. Yes. I don't know whether it is spam or real. Because it was on 27th February last year that many people posted about an interview call. If it is real, may be the e-mail is from the POI. We can only guess right now. Please let me know if you have any update. I too will post if I get to know anything.
  8. I too recieved an e-mail saying "your application is still under consideration" on 24th of Feb. On 25th around five people posted about receiving a rejection letter. I checked my portal that day and everyday after it and did not see anything. I still don't understand what is going on. It looks like they are making a short list of people. Will have to wait whether they narrow it down again before giving interview calls.
  9. Hopefully. But one of the Professor told me that they get 100 plus applications per year and the intake is 3 or4.
  10. I received an e-mail few hours ago, going by ET time, 24th February that , my application is under consideration. I did not write to them in the first place though.
  11. Still nothing ? Previous years results in gradcafe shows that usually interview invitation happens in the last week of February.
  12. Anyone heard from Johns Hopkins ?
  13. Anyone heard from UCSD Anthropology ?
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